4 Reasons You Should Switch to Turkish Cotton Towel

Turkey is a country that is famous for its textiles. Carpets, pillows, clothes, fabrics and much more... In this content we will focus on another famous Turkish product. Turkish cotton towels. 

The Turkish bathing tradition is a very important tradition that goes back centuries. So much so that bathing is almost a ritual that means cleansing both physically and spiritually. When bathing has such an important place in the culture, it is only natural that the toiletries are specially designed. While cotton Turkish bath towels have been the only choice of Turkish households for centuries, it is time to share this secret with the world.

In this article, we'll explain why you should switch to Turkish cotton towels. We'll talk about the benefits of Turkish cotton towels and some of their distinguishing features. 


Turkish cotton towel dries quickly

Turkish towels were invented in Bursa, a province in Turkey, in the 17th century and are considered among the first examples of towels in history. One of the reasons why Turkish towels are popular is that they dry very quickly. The reason why Turkish towels dry faster than ordinary towels is that these 100% cotton products are woven very tightly. The weaving work in Turkish towels is so tight that the towels dry very quickly and offer ease of use, unlike other towels. 


Turkish cotton towel is lightweight

Turkish towels are extremely light as they are woven entirely from cotton. Some towels can be extremely heavy because they are made of cloth and cut thickly to be absorbent. This can cause problems for the user in terms of storage and cleaning. But this is not the case with Turkish towels. Made entirely of cotton, Turkish towels are extremely light. Therefore, they are extremely easy to carry and clean. 


Turkish cotton towel is very absorbent

The most important feature underlying the popularity of Turkish towels is that they are highly absorbent. Thanks to the tightly woven fibers, towels are so absorbent that they easily absorb even the moisture in the air. This has greatly popularized their use in humid climates. However, the use of Turkish towels in bathrooms also contributes to long-term building health by absorbing excess moisture from the environment. 

Turkish cotton towel is soft

Turkish towels are known for being soft. These towels are not as thick as traditional towels and are extra soft. This is due to the long fibers found in cotton yarn. Thanks to its special structure, it ensures that the towel remains soft at all times. Due to its softness, the towel does not harm your skin. For this reason, it is especially suitable for children. Conventional towels can harden and cause invisible damage to your skin barrier. Turkish towels protect your skin with their softness.

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