Even Towels Have A History

Turkish towels, sometimes referred to as Hammam towel, Fouta towel or Peshtemal, are all the hype these days. If you haven’t noticed, they seem to be everywhere, and for good reason. These traditional Turkish design towels are not only appealing to the eyes, they are like super towels; with endless features and extremely durable.  With their authentic, classic Turkish design, these super towels have managed to gain popularity all over the world  and quickly claim the ‘Royalty’ status among all towels.

What are Turkish Towels?

If you’re not familiar with Turkish Towels, they are one of the most luxurious towels out there. While we may know  them as bath or beach items, these gems actually have a long history, dating back to the 18th century. With Turkish roots, these towels were traditionally used in hammams. If you don’t know what a hammam is, you may want to check out this  What is a Hammam? article by SpaExperience. Hammam towels/ Turkish towels  will actually make perfect sauna towels.

Turkish towels are considered to be the first towels ever made, how amazing is that!  Authentic Turkish towels are  woven by hand using a traditional looming technique, and made of 100% Turkish cotton (we’ll tell you more about Turkish Cotton in just a bit) . You’d be surprised to learn that Turkish artisans still handloom their towels, today,  using the same technique from the 18th century. 

Besides their fascinating history, classic Turkish towels are known for their unique design; they are very large in size, striped on the edges with knotted fringing. You don’t need to look twice to recognize the beautiful Turkish towel; they are best at standing out, especially the Classic Turkish Towels . Of-course, the less traditional designs may include different print towels, but the fringes remain an unchanged feature, making them a universal trademark of Turkish towels. 


If you haven’t before and you’re thinking about trying out a Turkish towel? Papatya Bloom Turkish Cotton Towels are  "Made in Turkey '' and made entirely from  "100% Turkish cotton" providing  premium quality and an authentic experience. 

Turkish Towels Vs. 100% Turkish Cotton Towels

Now that you know a little bit more about Turkish Towels, you should note that they come in a variety of qualities; from low quality, to medium and premium quality. The type of cotton used to make the towels is a good determining factor  for the extent of  softness, absorbency and durability . The good news is that Turkish cotton ranks at the top of the list for the latter features and more. If you are looking to get the best and most use of your Turkish towel we recommend going for the authentic Turkish towels, which are made of 100% Turkish cotton. 

Why choose 100% Turkish Cotton?

While countries such as India, Pakistan, China, Brazil and more, are among the  top cotton producing countries in the world, Turkey is one of the most famous for superior fabric production thanks to their exceptional cotton fields, arguably also due to the specifics of Turkey’s unique climate; Turkish cotton grows differently from cotton in other regions of the world. 

Turkish premium cotton is known for its super long, strong and sleek fibers. This is important especially through the spinning and weaving process; requiring less joins and resulting in smoother cotton threads, with fewer exposed fiber ends. In other words, items made with 100% Turkish cotton are extremely durable, less likely to pill or tear AND can even become softer over time! 

That’s not all! Towels constructed with Turkish cotton are very absorbent and really quick drying making them perfect for humid climates and various usages such as; at the beach or pool, for baths and showers as well as other places like saunas. 

Papatya Bloom offers authentic Turkish cotton Fouta towels. If you are curious, check out the unique styles here, certainly you will find something that suits your unique taste.