How to Choose the Best Beach Towels

With summer just around the corner, it's time for one of the purchases that all users should prioritize: beach towels. Although beach towels are underappreciated by many users, choosing the right beach towel is essential for a healthy vacation.

The materials used in the production of beach towels affect a wide range of areas, from the drying speed of the products to their ability to carry bacteria and the damage they cause to your skin. Let's take a look at how to choose the right beach towel.  

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Beach towel types

One of the first things you should pay attention to when choosing a beach towel is the type of towel. The types of beach towels are mainly determined by the materials they are made of and all materials have different properties. Here are the types of beach towels: 

  • Cotton

The best type of beach towel you can use is cotton. Cotton towels are easy to dry, absorbent and do not harm your skin. You can use these towels both for lying on and for drying off. They are very high quality towels and excellent choices for everyone.

  • Micro-Fiber

The most important feature of a microfiber beach towel is that it is easy to remove sand from it. Although its other features are not better than cotton towels, it is quite easy to shake sand off it. 

  • Hands-Free

The most important features of these towels are the lacing around them. Thanks to these laces, it is very easy to carry these towels. 


Beach towel sizes

Beach towels vary in size but are generally larger than other towels. Standard size beach towels are produced to cover the upper body. It is also possible to lie on these towels. On the other hand, there are also larger towels, also called beach blankets. These are more suitable for lying on. This type of towel is not as absorbent as others. 

Beach towel fabrics

Beach towels come in different fabrics. These fabrics constitute the main types of beach towels. As mentioned above, cotton and micro-fiber towels are the two main beach towel fabrics. They are not much different from each other, but cotton towels are more absorbent. Micro-fiber towels are easier to clean. 

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Beach towel quality

When buying a beach towel, its quality is extremely important. For this reason, you need to be able to choose the right towel without going cheap. The features you should consider when choosing towels are drying speed, softness and easy cleaning. Generally speaking, the best and most durable beach towels are those made of cotton fabric. 

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