How to Pick the Perfect Towel?

Picking the perfect towel is an important issue that completes you when bathing or on the beach. The perfect towel provides comfort, softness, and a feeling of quality while drying your skin. Towels are produced in different fabrics, sizes, and materials. Therefore, it is important to pick the perfect towel, considering your needs and preferences. Your perfect towel should absorb water, dries quickly, can be washed easily, and is long-lasting. In this blog post, you will learn about tips and important factors for choosing the perfect towel.


Determine the size of the towel

Determining the size of the towel when buying it may require different sizes depending on the environment you will use them in. Generally, beach towels have larger sizes than standard towels. However, depending on your personal preferences and intended use, you can choose larger or smaller-sized towels. Besides, when buying a bathing towel, you may prefer a smaller size of towel than a beach towel. Also, if you travel frequently, choosing a lightweight and easily foldable beach towel will make your job easier. For all kinds of towel needs, you can find in both sizes for towels on Papatya Bloom.



Decide on towel weight

When buying a towel, its weight can vary depending on your intended use and preferences. A light towel is what you need when traveling or when you want to move around the beach while being more portable. At the same time, heavier towels usually absorb water better and can last longer. However, heavier towels also dry more slowly and can take up more space. Therefore, when buying a beach towel. It may be a good thing to consider its weight and opt for a lightweight but good-quality towel that you can easily carry when you travel or want to move around the beach. Heavy towels will not be a problem when bathing as you can wash them immediately after use.

Know the fabric of the towel

The choice of fabric is also an important factor for a towel. Usually, towels are made of cotton or microfiber fabrics. Cotton towels are soft and comfortable, absorb water well, and are breathable. They are also gentler on the skin as they are a natural material. Microfiber towels are light and thin, absorb water quickly, and dry faster. Also, they take a small space and are easy to carry. The preference of fabric may change according to your personal preferences and use. For that, you may consider visiting Papatya Bloom’s Turkish beach towel which is the best towel made of cotton. 

The best places to shop towel

When shopping for towels, it should be done carefully for both your money and your health to find quality and reliable products. Papatya Bloom is an ideal sales center for towel shopping. Papatya Bloom offers towel options for every need offering Turkish beach towels of high quality and in many different styles. In addition to cotton and microfiber towels, bamboo and organic fabric options are also available. Papatya Bloom's towel collection has a wide range from beach towels to bath towels. Turkish peshtemal towels on Papatya Bloom’s website, which are offered at prices suitable for every budget, are a great option for those looking for both quality and affordable options.

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