Our Story

We are two Turkish life-long friends, and we run Papatya Bloom from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where we both reside with our families. 

Being born and raised in a small town on the West Coast of Turkey has created an endless love in me for the Mediterranean sea, the turquoise waters, (the white sands), and the golden sunsets. Fond childhood memories of hot sunny summers on the beach is what helped formulate our journey with our brand Papatya Bloom.

Our mission is to share exceptional experiences through style, quality and practicality combined. We create a product that is versatile yet sustainable;  from sunbathing on the beach, drying off salty water from your body, to using it as a sarong or a throw for the summer breeze, our collection of lightweight & soft beach towels are made of 100% sustainable Turkish Cotton of premium variety. 

Each product has been carefully and thoughtfully chosen through our regular visits to Turkey. We ensure that our products are ethically made to be used and enjoyed for many years. We are able to provide our customers with quality and affordable products by selling directly to them with no middlemen.

Thank you for supporting us as we launch our small business. We hope that you love and enjoy your Papatya Bloom product as much as we loved making them for you.